Air Jordan 1 Couture Outfit Ideas

The Air Jordan 1 Couture is a high-fashion-inspired premium variant of the Air Jordan 1. This colorway is reminiscent of the “Banned” motif connected with the original black and red Jordan 1. It has a semi-glossy black leather top with huge red stripes painted throughout the upper. More red can be seen on the “Nike Air” tongue tag, while the outsole is cream in color for a vintage look. With these colorways, its matching shirts will be a perfect match for Air Jordan 1 Couture outfit ideas.

The Air Jordan 1 Couture, a limited-edition model launched on February 23, 2019, is now another highly sought-after hue of the famous sneaker. A premium sneaker marketplace provides these styles. They collect and curate some of the most difficult-to-find shoes from across the world, stocking only the most sought-after footwear.

Materials – Jordan 1 Couture

Because of their apparent inferior quality, sneakerheads responded adversely to them. This is mostly owing to the shining sheen of the leather and the near-instant creases that emerge when worn. Because the majority of sneaker collectors aren’t the leather experts they profess to be, you should take the majority’s opinion with a grain of salt in this case.

The truth is that Air Jordan 1s, like any other shoe, can wrinkle over time, and this glistening leather is not the same as the legendary dazzling synthetic leather from Jordan releases from 2010 to 2012. This leather has a different sheen than previous Jordan releases, so it is brighter and wrinkles more quickly, but this has nothing to do with the actual quality/thickness of leather used, which is typical of a modern Jordan product.

Fitting – Couture 1s

These Defiant Couture sneakers feature a slim fit, similar to an Air Jordan 1 – get your normal Nike size and you’ll be OK. They’re comfortable enough to lay around in, but I wouldn’t wear them for more than a few hours or do anything sports in them.

Simply put, they are excellent and do not deserve to be vilified. If anything, the shoe exemplifies some of the irrational ways we, as sneaker collectors, perceive things. Because of the deep wrinkles, buy them only to wear and don’t bother reselling them for a profit unless you want to keep them deadstock.

Styling – Air Jordan 1 Couture

Black and red Air Jordan 1s are your closest buddies when it comes to putting together outfits. Despite the uneven paneling, they look well with an all-black suit or dark blue jeans. These also look nice with joggers. For the top, the Couture 1s with red, black, and white colorways will be a great choice.

Even with a heavily embellished attire, the shoes are daring enough to stand out. Add some flashes of red, white, and grey to your ensemble to play off the sneaker, as these sneakers straddle the border between low-key and attention-getting.

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Air Jordan 1 Couture Outfit Ideas

This is the premium collection of sneaker shirts that will be perfect for Air Jordan 1 Couture outfit ideas.

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