Air Jordan 14 Winterized Shirts For Your Ideal Outfits

Air Jordan 14 Winterized

The Air Jordan 14 “Winterized,” which will be released in the fall of 2021, is another famous model reimagined by Jordan Brand for the winter season. Sharing your passion for shoes with the world is easy when you have a fresh pair of Air Jordan 14 Winterized shirts to compliment your outfit.

The design of Winterized 14s

Uppers have been changed with water- and snow-resistant puffed-up nubuck materials. The majority of the base layer is dyed in an “Archeo Brown” shade that extends to the toe boxes, perforated lateral and medial panels, and heel sides. The laces are likewise red, as are the branded hits atop the tongues, the Ferrari-inspired logos, and the “23” and Jumpman hits on the heels.

Additional Jordan branding may be found on the bottom sections of the throat, however, it is a darker brown color. The midsole molds below are painted a chocolate brown and contrast against an off-white backdrop. Carbon fiber plates and treads complete the look with a solid black color.

Air Jordan 14 Winterized shirts for your stunning sneaker outfits

With the Air Jordan 14 Winterized sneakers release, here’s a look at some sneaker graphic shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies to mix with your sneakers. These shirts for sneakers with various designs that follow the latest trend in the sneaker world will be perfect for your Winterized 14s.

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