Air Jordan 3 Katrina Shirts To Refresh Sneaker Outfits

Air Jordan 3 Katrina on its top view

Michael Jordan’s third trademark sneaker, the Air Jordan 3 Katrina comes in a distinctive white, grey, and red colorway. It was designed specifically for charity auctions in support of Hurricane Katrina’s relief efforts in 2006. Even though being released a long time ago, this sneaker is still hot because of its elegance and stylish look. To refresh these sneaker outfits, you will need some Air Jordan 3 Katrina shirts in special designs.

Air Jordan 3 Katrina on the left side

Materials – Jordan 3 Katrina

Some individuals have complained about the shoes’ uneven leather grain, however, I have a pair with a great leather grain on both sides. I did notice some odd quality control issues, such as a loose thread and some minor paint faults, but they were only visible up close. The leather on a Jordan vintage is usually rather excellent. If you’ve had any of the other 3s in the last few years, you’ll know exactly what they’re like. It’s not the glistening leather of the late 2000s, at the very least!

Air Jordan 3 Katrina on the bottom view

Mix and match – Air Jordan 3 Katrina

These are simply a White Cement 3 with a red midsole heel instead of black. As a result, the shoe may be paired with a wide range of outfits. A white, grey, or black shirt, dark or light denim, and a white, grey, or black tee can go with practically any shade of khaki. This is one of the most “effortless” types of shoes to wear because the top is mostly white and grey.

 Katrina 3s on its right side

Fitting – Katrina 3s

The Air Jordan 3 Katrina’s fit is a tad loose. I dropped down a half-size and it was just right! These are quite comfortable for me. In general, threes are one of the most acceptable AJ models. The shape is also rather lovely, however, I did somewhat alter the toebox tip.

This hue is just stunning. I feel Jordan has created a future classic just by looking at them. I’m not one to pay full price for a new pair of Jordans, so you could say I was set on getting them. This color is so lovely that I can’t take my eyes away from it. I definitely suggest you acquire a pair if you can find them.

the back view of Air Jordan 3 Katrina

Air Jordan 3 Katrina shirts

Complete your outfits that go with Jordans by choosing our unique Air Jordan 3 Katrina shirts to wear with Jordans.

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