Air Jordan 6 Electric Green Matching Shirts

The Air Jordan 6 was first released in 1991, but it is still popular today. It is claimed to be inspired by Michael Jordan’s love of sports cars. The color combination of electric green and black makes the sneaker unique from other Air Jordan 6 sneakers. The Air Jordan 6 is a must-have sneaker for any sneakerhead, and a better way of showing off your love to your friends or family with the Air Jordan 6 Electric Green matching shirts.

Materials – Air Jordan 6 Electric Green

Air Jordan lettering is printed in black on the black rubberized upper part of the tongue. The majority of the tongue is constructed of neoprene mesh beneath. The lace cover has an electric green Jumpman. The toebox is nubuck with a black mudguard, and the eyelets are black nubuck.

Moving to the side, we get more nubuck, and if you haven’t worked it out yet, this thing’s whole upper is nubuck. Some 6s have a 3M quality to the side and ankle vent holes, but not these.

On the back, we have a Jumpman emblem with AIR stitched in black. The aforementioned pull tab is constructed of rubbery plastic with an electric green accent.

The insole is black with a green Jumpman printed on it. It’s black and translucent, with a green Jumpman on the outsole. The transparent sections are a more typical translucent color, rather than the icy blue tint Jordan Brand occasionally uses. The box includes a set of flat black laces and an electric green lace lock.


The materials of the Air Jordan 6 Electric Green are a little lackluster. We have the rubbery polymers and neoprene, which are relatively standard for the 6, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The main material on the upper is nubuck, which doesn’t feel very special. The slices are mostly thin, not as smooth as sandpaper but not as soft as velvet. The quality of the materials does not inspire trust.

Different styles of shoes are advantageous for various reasons, and it isn’t always about the materials. They’re a no-go if you believe materials to be important in every shoe you buy.

For GR Jordans, the QC looks to be around average. The paint and glue look to be passable but not perfect, especially around the midsole. Nothing is worth crying over. I like these shoes in general, but not because of the materials or the quality assurance.


They’re a touch big even when they’re true to size.


The overall comfort level of Electric Green 6s is amazing! They won’t take long to break in because the nubuck on top isn’t stiff. This is assisted even more by the spacious fit.

In terms of technology, there’s a visible Air unit in the back. For the most part, we have a lot of solid support here. Although the underfoot cushion isn’t very outstanding, it isn’t uncomfortable.


The Air Jordan 6 Electric Green is a comfy sneaker in general. The model is a touch thick for all-day use, but it isn’t uncomfortable. I could easily wear these for a few hours if necessary. Many of us, I’m sure, have tried on more comfy shoes than a pair of Jordan retros. I find them comfier than other vintage basketball sneakers because of the broad top.

Air Jordan 6 Electric Green matching shirts

With these Air Jordan 6 Electric Green matching shirts, your Electric Green Jordan 6s outfit will be more attractive and make you become the hottest person on the street.

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