Air Jordan 6 Maroon Matching Shirts For Ideal Outfits

It’s been 25 years since the Air Jordan 6 was first released. As part of the OG Air Jordan Retro lineup, this sneaker is a classic and has finally made its return to store shelves as part of the Holiday 2015 set. As one of the most celebrated colorways in the series, the Air Jordan 6 ‘Maroon’ is one hot commodity and very popular with collectors and fans alike. If you want to be outstanding with this sneaker, match them with the Air Jordan 6 Maroon matching shirts.

release of this off-white and maroon colorway sparked a lot of excitement, but it quickly faded as it became evident that the shoe was mass-produced in enormous quantities at a retail price of $220.

Materials – Air Jordan 6 Maroon

The contents on them are great for the historical time, in my opinion. These shoes feature a great blend of smooth and tumbled leather, which gives them a high-quality feel. Jordan has produced sneakers with superior materials after their first release, but I would have thought these were top-tier when they were first launched. If you’re concerned about the material’s quality, a pair of these will put your mind at ease.

Fitting – Maroon 6s

These Air Jordan 6 Maroon run a little large, and I believe I might have gone down half a size if I hadn’t gone true to size. They don’t appear clunky or uncomfortable, so you’ll be OK at TTS.

I like this timeless color and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get my hands on a pair. Even if the retail price is expensive and the shoes aren’t “limited,” they’re still worth the investment. While resellers may be disappointed by the prices, Jordan fans will be overjoyed to be able to get their hands on a pair.

Styling – Jordan 6 Maroon

Another shoe that matches a surprising number of outfits. Khakis or light denim with a white shirt might look just as good as a black and grey outfit (black pants, grey top, or vice versa). Given the maroon tone chosen, a blue layer may also work. Especially, the Air Jordan 6 Maroon shirts in trendy designs will be a perfect match for your sneaker.

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Air Jordan 6 Maroon matching shirts

The Air Jordan 6 Maroon matching shirts in trendy designs make you the coolest sneakerhead. Check them out!



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