Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux Shirts And Outfits

The Air Jordan 7 ‘Bordeaux’ is the most distinctive of the five original Air Jordan 7 colorways released in 1992. The Air Jordan 7 Retro ‘Bordeaux’ was the first time the sneaker was retroed, in 2011. A 2015 vintage edition of Nike’s ‘Remastered’ brand returns the shoe to its previous glory. You have got an Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux but don’t know how to style it? Try out the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux shirts in unique designs to match them.

Materials – Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux

The materials utilized to make these 7s are suede/nubuck and neoprene. The suede is buttery and smooth, but not really opulent. The quality is decent, but not remarkable, in my opinion. These, in my view, are more about the aesthetic than the content, despite the fact that the materials aren’t bad!

Fitting – Jordan 7 Bordeaux

The 2011 Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux is a tad on the large side, but it is quite comfortable. The tongue’s neoprene booty gives a snug fit on the top of the foot, keeping them in place even if you lace them loosely.

7s have always been hit or miss for me. They’re a bit of a wacky-looking shoe with a distinct 90s feel to them. They have a unique but relaxing color that finds the perfect balance for me.

Styling – Bordeaux 7s

You may wear them with dark clothing, but I like to match them with light-colored pants and a light-colored blouse. These can definitely stand out on their own, and although they will do so with a darker denim, their effect is magnified when worn with lighter-colored clothing.

Credit: WearTesters

Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux shirts

Grab these Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux shirts here to complete your sneaker outfit. Look for your favorite shirts in the special designs in the collection below.

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