Easy Ways To Style Your Air Jordan 1 UNC Outfits

The Jordan 1 UNC is one of the most anticipated colors to be launched (also known as the Powder Blue 1s). To bring your Air Jordan 1 UNC outfits to the next level, choose its matching shirts in the same colorways to hit differently. Today, we’ll provide readers with the best close-up look at this issue.

The origin – UNC 1s

The University of North Carolina’s (UNC) team outfit inspired the UNC color scheme. This is the school where Jordan starred as a freshman before embarking on the basketball career path that we all know and love.

The design – Jordan 1 UNC

The classic packaging of the Jordan 1 has stayed untouched, featuring the red Swoosh and Nike insignia on the black box and side tag.

Nike pays respect to the shoe’s unlaced debut in 1985 by offering a set of blue laces to replace the white ones. This is nothing out of the usual for people who have previously had Jordan 1 variations. Let’s take a look around the shoe; it looks like this retro has only a few variations from the original 1985 release in terms of the shoe and the material. The remaining colors are accurately represented by two hues: white and dark powder blue. Let’s start with the material, which looks to be the same as any other Jordan 1.

The UNC version is identical to the recently released “Shattered Backboard” in terms of leather material, but it constantly uses tumbled leather and grain leather on the whole upper, implying the quality of your leather. Expect nothing less; this is a low moment for Jordan Company, making it difficult for fans to continue with the brand. If you don’t expect high quality, you’ll probably be satisfied with this version.

Except for the color, no other feature of the shoe has changed. This version is suitable for those seeking a beautiful Jordan 1 model with eye-catching vibrant colors and an affordable resale price. Conversely, the Jordan 1 UNC is only valued by nostalgic collectors, and it is hard to compare hype to other versions.

Credit: Eddie Win

Air Jordan 1 UNC outfits

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