How To Refresh Your Turbo Green 1s Outfits

The Charlotte Hornets inspired the Air Jordan 1 Turbo Green hue, which pays homage to the city hosting the NBA All-Star game this weekend. It has the same color blocking, materials, and etched detailing beneath the Swoosh as the “Hyper Crimson” version. This sneaker is easy to style because of the light colorway, but if you want to refresh your Turbo Green 1s outfits, read this.

Materials – Turbo Green 1s

The materials used on them are meant to seem rustic and antique. As a result, the suede has a rough texture and the leather has been tumbled for texture.

Air Jordan 1 Turbo Green left side

Mix and match – Air Jordan 1 Turbo Green

This sneaker might look best with grey or khaki denim. Although black denim may work, lighter colors are preferable. It’s fine to wear a shirt with a grey or white foundation!

Air Jordan 1 Turbo Green back side

Fitting – Jordan 1 Turbo Green

Like many others, these Nikes feature a narrow fit. They’re comfy for relaxing and short walks. The worn-in blue-green top and eggshell midsole give them a distinct look. While the material quality is a touch disappointing, it is acceptable given the shoe’s attitude. After all, it’s been said that the more you wear your AJ1s, the better they look, and they’re a terrific place to start!

Turbo Green 1s outfits

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