How To Style Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott

Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott

Have you ever wanted to know why the Air Jordan 1 is such a popular shoe among sneakerheads? Or have you ever wanted to know what Air Jordan 1 would look like if it was designed by Travis Scott? Have you ever wondered how you can style and wear a pair of Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott? If you’re nodding your head, then this article was made for you.

The materials – Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott

Nike clearly wanted to treat this partnership sneaker as a “premium” shoe. The leather and suede on this Jordan 1 High Travis Scott are among the nicest we’ve seen. Details like the secret stash pocket and subtle “Catcus Jack” branding set this shoe distinct from previous AJ1 versions, in addition to the high-quality materials.

The construction and traction

With so many exquisite details on this shoe, one would expect a lot of sub-par construction, yet this was just not the case. There were no noticeable flaws, such as glue spots around the midsole, and the stitching was flawless.

If traction is important to you, these shoes feature the finest traction of any shoe, new or old.

With its large inverted swoosh, several lacing options, and brown-ish, earthy look, this sneaker is controversial yet interesting. Step out with a pair of them and you’ll be sure to get some attention.

It will also be simple to put together outfits with the footwear. A basic ensemble of jeans and a solid tee work nicely, and the sneakers speak for themselves.

The shoe is more costly than regular Air Jordan 1 releases in terms of value, however, this is warranted in this situation. Snagging these shoes for retail is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, with resale values in the triple digits in most sizes.

Fit and comfort – Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott

Most individuals may wear Jordan 1s true to size, however, those who prefer a tighter fit should go down half a size.

The comfort of this sneaker won’t be something to write home about because it’s from 1985. It isn’t the most comfortable sneaker on the market, but it isn’t the worst either.

These sneakers have a small amount of cushioning and flexibility.

Style Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott with is matching shirts

You’ve probably seen numerous people rocking a shirt with their Air Jordan’s and wondered how on earth would you be able to style the kicks with a shirt. Well lucky for you, these are some choices matching shirts for you to style your Air Jordan 1 High Travis Scott.



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