Outfit Ideas For Air Jordan 4 Motorsports Alternate

Michael Jordan’s childhood love of spinning wheelies on motorbikes led to him owning a motorcycle racing team, which the Air Jordan 4 Alternate Motorsports honors. Jordan Brand is now paying homage to Michael Jordan’s racing enthusiasm.

Materials – Air Jordan 4 Motorsports Alternate

The leather on these is pretty decent for a general release. In reality, it was studying images of the quality on the internet that prompted me to purchase. It’s soft and supple, and it outperforms the white pair significantly. While the leather isn’t ultra-premium, it’s ideal for this type of general historical model release, and while some have complained about the quality, it’s rather excellent for this type of general retro model release.

Fitting – Motorsports Alternate 4s

The Air Jordan 4 Alternate Motorsports fit according to size but felt a little thin. In contrast to the white/blue Motorsport 4s, the softer, more supple leather lets me wear my full size without crushing my pinky. These are quite comfortable on my feet, which is fantastic considering I normally have issues with the fit of AJ4s.

These kicks have a fantastic look and have been worn previously. They remind me of the Sport Blue 3s, but much better. The Alternate MS 4 is the shoe for you if you like 4s but want something decent in a new color.

Styling – Jordan 4 Motorsports Alternate

The colorway is very identical to the Bred 4, with the difference that the red has been swapped with blue. Blue is typically tough to include into an ensemble, but happily, it is minimal on the shoe. That is to say, if you want to dress in blue, go ahead and do so! You can do that without appearing very matchy-matchy. I like to wear them with dark jeans and create a black/grey/white clothing combination for an easy, low-key look. Besides that, the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport Alternate shirts in various designs are all you need for the perfect sneaker outfit.

Credit: Shoe Savage Inc

Air Jordan 4 Motorsports Alternate shirts

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