Outfit Ideas With Jordan 1 Pine Green

The Air Jordan 1 Pine Green offers a modified version of the silhouette’s iconic “Black Toe” design, which debuted in 1985. It is not just a pair that you can wear as you walk, run or play basketball. If you know how to style, it will become an iconic fashion statement. Make the stunning outfit ideas with Jordan 1 Pine Green by looking here.

The Design – Air Jordan 1 Pine Green


From the front to the back, the traction is incredible. Medial and lateral motions are equally impressive because of the multidirectional circles and the soft and supple rubber. This traction surface functioned well on both clean and filthy indoor courts, and it would most likely do so outside as well.


The cushion of the sneaker wasn’t great.


There isn’t much ventilation, but there are holes on the toe and a nylon tongue for a small amount of airflow.


There are no supports in this shoe. The owner of a shoe can purchase an insole with arch support if desired, but they are essentially flat-based sneakers.

The Materials – Air Jordan 1 Pine Green

Full leather uppers provide sturdiness and weight, as does a rubber midsole and outsole. They aren’t particularly heavy, but they do make a difference while moving. The important aspect is that the type of leather used adds strength and durability, which is a valuable feature.

air jordan 1 pine green top view

Fitting – Air Jordan 1 Pine Green

The midfoot and heel were quite secure. Due to moisture and heat accumulation, the fit loosens as the wearer spends more time on the court, so the wearer will need to adjust the lacing on a regular basis.


Overall, the most important aspect was that they could be played.

Outfit Ideas With Air Jordan 1 Pine Green by Sneaker Hoodies

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