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Jordan 7 Citrus Shirts to Match Your Sneaker

This Air Jordan 7 in Black, Citrus, and Variety Red will appear just like the original pair, with a Black nubuck upper accentuated with Citrus and Variety Red contrasting details. Check out our specialized area for a large range of matching Jordan 7 Citrus Shirts to help you get the greatest and most inventive ideas. Prepare to charm the audience and show off your love in style with these matching Jordan costumes with Sneaker Hoodies!

Coordinate with Jordan 7 Citrus Hoodie

Jordan 7 Citrus Hoodie
Jordan 7 Citrus Hoodie

For a very long time, Hoodies have been an item that has enjoyed an extraordinary amount of popularity among young people. The combination of a Citrus 7s Hoodie with Jordan shoes will make you appear extremely hip and youthful. If the climate where you live tends to be chilly, you might want to experiment with this Citrus 7 Outfit. You won’t need to worry about getting cold while still maintaining your chic look when you wear Citrus 7 Hoodie.

Mix and match Jordan 7 with Citrus 7s T-shirt

T-shirts are items that are commonly worn by boys and are essential to their wardrobe. Therefore, you may wear these Retro 7 Citrus Shirts with whatever slacks you already own, and the Jordan 7 will look great with them. This cut will give the impression that you are more “dusty,” making it an excellent choice for men who are on their way. Trying to achieve a streetwear look with this Retro 7 Citrus Outfit.

Retro 7 Citrus Tee with black jeans
Citrus 7s Shirt with black jeans

In addition to t-shirts, jeans are another item that is quite popular among males. A T-shirt and jeans, which you still wear on a daily basis, may be combined with a checkered jacket in order to give you the confidence to go out in public. Additionally, you have the option of wearing either blue jeans or black jeans with this style.

Match Jordan 7 with shorts, and Citrus 7 Shirt

Citrus 7S T-shirt with Shorts
Citrus 7S T-shirt with Shorts

The hot summer weather calls for a Jordan 7 Citrus Outfit that is very appropriate, and shorts and shoes are exactly what you need. When you are wearing a pair of high-collared Jordan sneakers, shorts will make it easier for you to move about and be more comfortable. You are also able to “hack” quite a bit of that height when you are dressed in this Citrus 7s Outfit. Combine them with a t-shirt for the summer look. For chilling weather, you can wear Retro 7 Citrus Hoodie/Sweatshirt instead of T-shirt. Don’t worry about your combination. You are best with your confidence and comfortability.

In the end, the manner in which you choose to wear your Jordan 7 Citrus will be determined only by your own sense of style and personal preferences. There is no such thing as the incorrect way to do anything, with the exception of that one wardrobe malfunction.

About Jordan 7 Citrus

The Air Jordan 7 Retro Citrus 2022 has a Black Durabuck upper with citrus and red accents on the sole. It also has citrus threading all over the shoe and a citrus-colored Jumpman emblem on the outside side of the upper ankle. The shoe features a little red strap behind the ankle and a “23” on a black and yellow backdrop.

Style: CU9307-081
Retail Price: $200
Release Date: 08/13/2022