Review: Air Jordan 14 Aleali May Outfit Ideas

Air Jordan 14 Aleali May

Aleali May has established herself as a sneaker force to be reckoned with! The famous stylist has teamed up with Jordan Brand to create incredible shoes that represent her narrative. She just debuted a collaborative Air Jordan 14 Low as part of the ‘Fortune’ line, following a couple of Air Jordan 1s and an Air Jordan 6.

Aleali’s history and childhood memories are reflected in the partnership, which includes a new take on the AJ14 and a bevy of clothes with features inspired by jade and motorcycle culture. To set the tone, the upper is made of grey suede, with crisp gold and green embellishments bringing pops of color.

Air Jordan 14 Aleali May

In an interview with Jordan Brand she stated “Throughout my collaborations, I always try to go back and say thank you to whoever was supporting me at the time. My grandmother on my dad’s side gifted me gold and jade bangles that she’d had for 20 years before that. As a young girl, my grandmother on my mom’s side also gifted me her jade bangles. Those were my first pieces of jewelry.”

The uppers are mostly made of supple suede, with branding on the lateral side in the form of a Jumpman insignia and an embroidered logo on the toe box. The jade-green embellishments wonderfully complement the otherwise sandy colorway, and the box is also finished in the same hue, making these a perfect limited-edition pair for the collectors among us.

Air Jordan 14 Aleali May

To complete a perfect Air Jordan 14 Aleali May outfit, these sneaker shirts with special designs to match your Jordan will be an ideal choice for you. Check out the premium collection of Air Jordan 14 Aleali May shirts below to find the most suitable shirts for your sneaker.

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