Review: Air Jordan 4 Royalty Outfit Ideas

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

To begin, it is a “Royalty” edition, with the predominant colors being black, shiny gold, and white. The Air Jordan 4 silhouette isn’t bad either, featuring a nubuck upper and a crisp white outsole. With the black and white colorways, this sneaker will fit the Jordan 4 Royalty shirts that are designed in the same colorways perfectly.

The shoes employ a layering approach effectively, with mesh as the first layer and plain black leather as the second. The addition of gold is what sets these sneakers apart from previous Air Jordan 4 models. The gold appears throughout the sneakers, beginning with the Jumpman logo on the tongue. At the bottom of the logo, the word “Flight” is written in gold letters.

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

The laces are embellished with gold metallic flecks to give them a regal appearance. The all-black color palette of these Air Jordan 4 demonstrates Nike’s intention to strive for “class” and “timelessness” with this release. In all honesty, it’s tough to find another mid-range Nike sneaker with the same distinct status.

The laces are kept basic with black color and a flat design. That’s a big plus since it means you can easily replace the laces if you lose them.

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

The tongue is also entirely black, with just the Jumpman logo to differentiate it. Another Jumpman insignia can be found on the back, which is also gold in color.

The soles are completed in plain white to match the black and gold color scheme. This provides the shoes a highly clean appearance, making them suitable for anything from a visit to McDonald’s to walking the red carpet.

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

The bottom half is a basic black and white combination with a black Jumpman symbol in the middle.

Overall, it’s a really excellent item for $190 for a pair of Air Jordans. If you just buy one item this year, these shoes are a terrific choice since they strike the appropriate balance of elegance, style, and price.

Air Jordan 4 Royalty

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