Review: Air Jordan 4 White Cement Outfit Ideas

Air Jordan 4 White Cement

Because of the reintroduction of the Nike Air logo, which replaced the Jumpman badge on the back of the heel, this edition was one of the early 2016 releases that drew the attention of both local and global shoe enthusiasts. The Air Jordan 3 “White Cement” did the same thing three years ago, so let’s see whether this Air Jordan “White Cement” iteration can match the success of its predecessor.

This White Cement ’89 version comes with the Air Jordan 4 series packaging. We’ll skip the box because there are no differentiating characteristics.

Air Jordan 4 White Cement

The shoe, like earlier 3s and 4s variations, comes with a hangtag. However, as a version with the Nike Air brand but a Jumpman image on the hangtag, this is the biggest flaw, and it causes some shoes to be a little disappointing.

Among the historic variations that have been created, the shoe form has shown to be the truest to the original. Except for the gray tone, which is now closer to the original than the 2012 edition, the colors haven’t changed much (darker). The Air Jordan 4 White Cement shirts with trendy designs in black and white colors will be a perfect match for your sneaker outfits.

Air Jordan 4 White Cement

This model is distinguished in the shoe business by the Nike Air symbol on the back of the heel.

Unlike the Jumpman logo, this graphic portrays the “origin” of everything. That is why many people appreciate this version and are anxious to get their hands on a pair as soon as the leaked information is made public.

The second amazing point is the shoe’s sole. If fans were dissatisfied that the Air Jordan 3 White Cement ’88 version merely replaced the heel part with Nike Air but left off the JORDAN sole, this version of the Air Jordan 4 White Cement ’89 has the Nike emblem on the sole instead.

Air Jordan 4 White Cement

Furthermore, the Nike crest appears on the insole, which is consistent with the general theme of the shoe.

This version is a must-have for fans of the 4s. Collectors should consider acquiring this edition. If average people who aren’t 4s fanatics want to get their hands on this version, they should.

Air Jordan 4 White Cement

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