Renew Your Outfits With Air Jordan 4 Motorsport Shirts

Are you looking for a classy outfit to wear while you’re playing your favorite game? Look no further and exchange your old worn-out sneaker outfit for the new Air Jordan 4 Motorsport shirts!

The Air Jordan 4 Motorsports is inspired by the 2006 friends and family colorway, which was launched to celebrate Michael Jordan’s Motorsports Racing team’s fourth anniversary. The shoe was launched to the general public in March 2017, and it has the team’s white, black, and varsity royal blue colors, although it lacks the Mars Blackmon heel accent seen on the 2006 sneaker.

Materials – Jordan 4 Motorsport

The leather is a touch better than on previous AJ4 retros, but it’s still not premium. On the bright side, it’s not as shiny and rigid as the worst Jordan brand leather. We end up with leather that is both utilitarian and uninspiring. The materials aren’t exceptionally buttery, but they aren’t hard or plasticky either.

Mix and match – Motorsport 4s

Red-based kicks are typically easier for me than blue-based kicks. Too much blue in an outfit may often result in a drab appearance. Because these sneakers are primarily white, I’d opt for a white top with a dark bottom. With them, you might even get away with a mild wash on your denim.

Fitting – Motorsport 4s

Like the previous Air Jordan 4, the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport featured an unusual fit.

It may seem a little huge on the foot, but pinky toe blisters are far worse! With the 4, sizing and comfort are both issues for me, but going up a size looks to fix both issues and makes things much more comfortable. The second colorway with softer leather looks to fit true to size due to the greater “give” in the materials.

In my opinion, this shoe is a new classic. While it isn’t an innovative colorway, the simple red to blue transition helps to maintain the same vibe. With this release, fans of the 4 will be able to get their hands on a Motorsports shoe.



Air Jordan 4 Motorsport shirts:

Are you a sneakerhead who stays up all night considering which outfit to wear with your sneaker the next day? Or maybe you just wish you had those kinds of options. Either way, try mixing up your style and opting for high-quality Air Jordan 4 Motorsport shirts below.

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