Review: How To Style Your Air Jordan 11 Red Velvet

Air Jordan 11 Red Velvet

Sportswear has just recently emerged as a significant and profitable sector in the fashion industry. Previously, the in-crowd denied it a sense of luxury, preferring the works of haute couture enterprises to sports retail behemoths. High fashion persons’ design sensibilities have gone crazy over the Air Jordan 11 Velvet “Night Maroon” pair, which is now incorporated into the classic sneakers.

Sneakers are no longer only for the streets. They might be among the most costly shoes on the market. While they may not be as well-known as a pair of Manolo Blahnik stilettos or Gucci boots, they may rival in terms of design, construction, and comfort.

Air Jordan 11 Red Velvet

Nike’s Air Jordans have demonstrated throughout the years that sneakers can be luxury items, with the right colors and materials elevating them to new heights. One of their alternatives is the Air Jordan Velvet “Night Maroon” from their “Heiress” range.

On December 17, 2016, the delectably rich pair was unveiled as part of the brand’s “Heiress” collection. Despite the fact that it costs $220 for a pair, it is definitely worth it. To begin with, the Air Jordan 11 Heiress line is all about the greatest quality and design when it comes to their renowned sneakers.

Contrary to their name, the shoes are unisex and may be worn by anybody, regardless of color or material. The Velvet “Night Maroon” pair, on the other hand, has a very feminine vibe, but that won’t stop males who enjoy fashion regardless of gender from wearing them.

Air Jordan 11 Red Velvet


The shoe is distinguished by its heavy usage of velvet throughout. To portray a sense of refinement, the label substituted patent leather for a more luxurious material. Even though the sports shoe is larger than the high fashion shoe, it is painted in a deep and rich shade of maroon and emanates a feeling of regality. The velvet even has a subtle floral design, elevating it above your average Air Jordan pair. They also updated the traditional mesh top with nubuck suede, diverting away from their regular athletic style and more toward luxury design.

To match this sneaker well, the Air Jordan 11 Red Velvet shirts that are designed with the same tone as this sneaker will be a perfect idea.

Air Jordan 11 Red Velvet



However, as luxurious as it is, it isn’t necessarily the best footwear for the average Air Jordan fan. Many of them believe it is too expensive to wear on the street, let alone play sports in. One of the reasons Air Jordans became so famous was that they were smart footwear with long-lasting usefulness for the sport.

Regardless of how expensive a pair is, it has become a go-to shoe for both professional and amateur basketball players. For many fans, the Air Jordan 11 Velvet “Night Maroon” seems too gorgeous to wear, and is admired more on the runway than on the street or court.

Air Jordan 11 Red Velvet

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