Review: How To Style Your Air Jordan 12 Twist

Air Jordan 12 Twist

The Air Jordan 12 Twist is a sleek design that is mostly influenced by an un-retro colorway of Michael Jordan’s first trademark sneaker. It has been confirmed as part of Jordan Brand’s Fall 2021 collection.

Tumbled leather throughout the upper, “lizard” skin mudguards, and sole units opt for a monochromatic “White” aesthetic, while top eye-stays and mid-foot highlights are a shimmering “University Red,” while tumbled leather throughout the upper, “lizard” skin mudguards, and sole units opt for a monochromatic “White” aesthetic. The “Cherry” look of the Jordan 12 and the “Metallic” Pack composition of its predecessor are further addressed by branding on the spine and at the tip of the outsole.

This sneaker has a timeless appeal, not to mention its elegance. Let’s take a look at how folks wear their Air Jordan 12 Twist.

air jordan 12 twist shirt

@jsmo_0th’s Air Jordan 12 Twist outfit includes a shirt with a short like any casual sneaker outfit. However, he adds a lot of accessories such as his gold necklace, watch, and sunglass that make the outfit more outstanding.

air jordan 12 twist shirt

With the Red shirt and khaki jeans, @gudybaby_23 completely rocks his Air Jordan 12 Twist outfit. The colorways are matched each other perfectly.

air jordan 12 twist shirt

Another cool outfit with the Red shirt and Black jeans. This Air Jordan 12 Twist shirt is designed ideally for the sneaker outfit. A basic way to match your sneaker but it seemed to be working well so you should try it.

air jordan 12 twist shirt

You can also mix your Air Jordan 12 Twist with the colorful shirt and basic jeans like @_dr.ward_ did in this outfit. The basic items always bring us the coolest outfit in the most effective way.

air jordan 12 twist shirt

@official_dweezy makes his outfit for sneakers outstanding with the Twist 12s shirt in special design and Red jeans. The outfit could not be completed without accessories like a watch or necklace.

Air Jordan 12 Twist products:

Here are some of our suggestions for your perfect Jordan 12 Twist outfits. These are premium shirts in exclusive designs and follow the hottest trend at the moment. Give us a check!

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