Grab The Air Jordan 1 Banned Shirts In Trendy Designs

The colorway that is typically blamed for Michael Jordan’s $5000 penalty is the Air Jordan 1 Bred, which initially appeared in 1985 and has since been refitted six times, including this 2016 iteration. He wears it to every NBA game because of a uniform violation. That violation state that a player must wear shoes that not only matched their uniforms but also matched the shoes worn by their teammates. That means each pair of shoes worn on the field must match the color of the wearer’s personal clothing as well as the color of the team’s shoes. With the red and black color, Air Jordan 1 Banned shirts with the same tone are a great idea to level up your sneaker outfits.

The Nike Air Ship, which resembled the Air Jordan 1, were the black/red sneakers that led to Michael Jordan’s punishment at the time. Despite the uncertainties, “Bred” AJ1 has heard a lot of sentences. This is a fantastic story.

Our release is hidden under the lid of the lovely black and red Nike box. We can assess the quality of the leather just by looking at how wrinkled the top is.

The design – Banned 1s

This release is supposed to take on the form and materials of the 1985 OG release, and it looks like they’ve delivered on that promise, from the toebox shape to the heel, shoes, and collar, which all closely match the original version.

The digits on the shoe’s body look to be confusing, but they are just the shoe size (two big numbers) and the year/month/day the shoe was banned in the NBA, which was October 18, 1984. This release includes replacement straps in white, red, and black.

Unlike the Air Jordan 1 “Banned,” which debuted in 2011 at select US shops and featured a large red X on the back of the sneaker, the 2016 version does not. The NBA-fined sneakers, on the other hand, did not have this feature, which is an important point to make.

If you are finding something cool to match this sneaker, the Air Jordan 1 Banned graphic shirts in different designs will be a perfect choice for you. These premium Jordan matching shirts are made with high-quality and trendy styles that will complete your Banned 1s perfectly.

Air Jordan 1 Banned shirts

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