Outfit Ideas With Jordan 1 Travis Scott Fragment Shirts

Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 1 basketball shoes are still as popular now as they were in 1985, however they are regarded as a lifestyle shoes rather than a performance model. The AJ1s, which have appeared in a plethora of colorways and hosted high-profile collaborations, is now acting as a blank canvas for a three-way collaboration with renowned American rapper Travis Scott and Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design. With the unique Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Fragment shirts, your sneaker outfit will be perfect.

Outstanding color – Jordan 1 Travis Scott Fragment

The original lightning bolt design that dominated the market is still used by the manufacturer. Although the color scheme is still black, white, and blue, the distribution is substantially different from the original. The sneaker shirts in blue, black, and white colors seem to be the perfect choice for your outfits.

Unique design – Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Fragment

This variant, like rapper H-first Town’s kid with the Air Jordan 1 High, has an inverted Swoosh mark on the side of the shoe. The original black toe design has been changed with an elegant, contemporary, and classy white toe design.

The upper portion is constructed of tumbled leather and features a young color combination of white, blue, and black. Similar to the incredibly rare blue box coated with plastic and printed with the Nike emblem. To denote sovereignty, the Cactus Jack emblem is positioned around the super product.

With the Fragment logo on one side and the Cactus Jack emblem on the other, the heel section reinforces the brand and creates a lasting relationship.

The midsole is ample in the main white tone, and the heel has the Japanese fashion house’s distinctive code.

Along with the tongue, the tag “Fragmentdesign” is sewed.

The shoes have a young, contemporary, and dynamic beauty. The soft crushed leather texture will comfort your feet while you travel.

High-quality material – Travis Scott Fragment 1s

Swooshes are designed backward on the shoe’s cheek. There is a pretty apparent color separation on the upper half. The toe and tongue are composed of nylon, while the mid-foot is coated in white.

Additionally, “Military Blue” hues can be found on the toe-box, ankle, and sole. This is what distinguishes and distinguishes this collaborative version.


Credit: Kingsdown Roots

Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Fragment shirts

You may have heard people referring to Jordan 1 Travis Scott Fragment shirts; they are a kind of trendy and fashionable shirts. If you haven’t, they’re actually the most comfortable t-shirts that you can wear. The quality is pretty nice, not too lightweight so itchy, and not too heavy either. They are made of cotton but feel very soft and comfortable. And hey! They look good!

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