Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint Shirts And Outfits

The Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint is yet another beautiful take on the iconic Jordan 1. Michael Jordan’s first signature sneaker is presented in conventional color blocking with a Crimson Tint and black color combination. The Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint shirts and outfits in that colorway will be perfect to match. Check them out!

Materials – Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint

The material quality isn’t exceptional, but it’s not as bad as others have said. On the leather, only a smidgeon of a shine remains. The pink portions are smooth, but the black sections are textured. While the leather isn’t of the finest quality, it is soft and comfy, unlike other of Jordan’s recent offerings. Overall, I gave the materials a pass because GR Jordan 1s aren’t known for their high-quality materials, and what’s provided is enough for the shoe’s design.

Mix and match – Jordan 1 Crimson Tint

Putting together an outfit using black and pink is extremely straightforward. Two basic possibilities are light wash denim with a grey or white top or black denim with a blacktop. You may include them into a Spring/Summer palette or give them a more muted feel with a splash of color this way. The lace you choose may also assist to accentuate the fit; nevertheless, black lace can go with just about anything.

Fitting – Crimson Tint 1s

Because these are thin and long, as is typical of Air Jordan 1, it is recommended to be ordered in regular Nike size. These may take some time to break in full size, but they will eventually provide adequate comfort; nothing extraordinary. Avoid wearing them for long amounts of time the first few times they are rocked to minimize foot strain.

Apart from the additional lace choices, this is a pink Air Jordan 1 that is presented in a simple way with no bells and whistles.

Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint shirts

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