Review: What To Wear With Air Jordan 3 Patchwork/Camo

In 2019, Jordan Brand released two colorways of the ‘Camo’ Air Jordan 10. For the Holiday season of 2021, the Air Jordan 3 ‘Camo,’ also known as ‘Patchwork,’ is released.

The style was inspired by antique surplus stores and fabrics, and it stands out in its ‘rain,’ ‘leaf,’ and ‘woodland’ patterns, emphasizing the design qualities of the OG silhouette. Multiple textures can be found throughout the shoe’s construction, including canvas, herringbone, wool, and twill. It’s also jam-packed with extra goodies for die-hard customizers! The Nike Air and Jumpman logos are totally covered with hook and loop materials, so there’s no need to go to war with fellow sneakerheads about which logo your pair is wearing!

To match this sneaker, the Air Jordan 3 Patchwork/Camo shirts in the same colorways make the perfect outfit. These shirts below are the exclusive-designed shirts to mix with Camo/Patchwork 3s.

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