Some Ways To Style Air Jordan 1 Shadow Outfits

Despite their moniker, the Air Jordan 1 Shadows are a pair that will bring attention to any outfit you wear. Only three pairs of this very rare OG colorway have been released, making them a must-have for any AJ1 collector. The shoe has a black and grey leather upper, a white midsole, and a black outsole, as well as original “Nike Air” branding on the tongue tag and insoles. If you want to be the coolest sneakerhead on the street with your Shadow 1s, there are some ways to style Air Jordan 1 Shadow outfits for you to choose from here.

Materials – Air Jordan 1 Shadow

The materials are superb for a pair of Air Jordan 1s. The shoe is made of grey tumbled suede and textured tumbled black leather. These materials are soft and flexible, and they send a message to the rest of the world that they are of excellent quality. Because the “remastered” version wouldn’t be released for another few years, these are much more precious!

Mix and match – Shadow 1s

Kicks in black and grey go with a wide range of clothes. A light pair of trousers and a grey or white shirt would suffice. A black or grey shirt looks excellent with black jeans. Offer a splash of red, blue, or white to your attire to add some variety.

Fitting – Jordan 1 Shadow

At first, the Air Jordan 1 Shadow seems a touch snug and uncomfortable. Anyone who has a pair of Air Jordan 1s knows what I’m talking about. At first, they aren’t known for their comfort, but after a period, they may become rather comfortable. After a few times wearing the shoes, the materials are sufficiently flexible to become reasonably comfortable. Although the cut is somewhat different than the original, they still look fantastic on the foot. Overall, I’d recommend these to anyone seeking a limited-edition pair of Jordan 1s.

Air Jordan 1 Shadow Outfits

Some Air Jordan 1 Shadow outfits take inspiration from trendy celebrities or movies. Take a look then choose your favorite.

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