This Nike Air Max 97 Has Springtime Blossoms

Nike Air Max 97

Floral themes are popular all year, but they bloom at their peak in the spring and summer. The Air Max 97 will be available shortly as part of Nike’s SS22 in-line product, with shades of light blue, mint green, yellow, and red coming together on a predominantly white basis. These hues have always appealed to Nike fans, but these have a unique twist that makes them even more appealing.

The insole features a beautiful flowery pattern that closely resembles cherry blossoms. However, as our expert botanist is now unavailable at the Sneaker News office, our best estimate is a spray rose or a red camellia, as both have red petals with yellow filaments. Even though they’re fully covered when worn, they’re still a wonderful accent.

In any case, this outside colorway is one of the nicer ones we’ve seen in a while, and once they hit and select shops, we expect them to sell out quickly. Keep an eye on us and we’ll keep you informed.

Nike Air Max 97

Release Date: 2022

Color: N/A

Mens: N/A

Style Code: N/A

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