Unique Air Jordan 11 Space Jam Outfit Ideas

The Air Jordan 11 Space Jam commemorates the 20th anniversary of the film “Space Jam.” The sneaker was Nike’s largest and most successful shoe launch ever since it was worn by Michael Jordan as a Player Exclusive (PE) in both the film and the 1995 NBA Playoffs. If you are a huge fan of sneakers and like Air Jordan 11 Space Jam outfit, you must find out the suitable items to match your sneaker.

Materials – Air Jordan 11 Space Jam

These Air Jordan 11s include patent leather around the toebox and mudguard, as well as a thick mesh upper like previous Air Jordan 11s. This pair’s materials are exceptional, and the quality and craftsmanship are evident throughout. If you’re a sneakerhead who demands high-quality materials in your footwear, a pair of clean XI is usually always a good choice.

Fitting – Jordan 11 Space Jam

They are a touch snug around the toe region due to the hard patent leather toebox. The feel of them, on the other hand, is hard but pleasant. A new pair of 11s has a lot of traction — you won’t be slipping about in them with such an ice sole!

Air Jordan 11 Space Jam

Styling – Space Jam 11s

Black shoes with white accents are known as Space Jams. I accept the royal blue accents as they are rather than trying to match them. They look good with both light and dark denim; just make sure your top complements your jeans and sneakers. For example, I’m wearing these today with a grey hoodie and medium-wash jeans. With black and white graphic shirts, sweatshirts, or hoodies, you can freshen up your Air Jordan 11 Space Jam outfit.

Air Jordan 11 Space Jam

Credit: pierreson tan

Air Jordan 11 Space Jam outfit ideas

Let’s be honest: no one is going to argue that the Air Jordan 11 Space Jam was a shoe of its time. The design was way ahead of its time and it’s still being imitated today. This classic tried to blend the science of space travel with basketball and the end result was beautiful. Check out the Space Jam 11s shirts below and then continue on to find some outfit ideas.

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